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Sam Coare is a British editor, journalist and creative consultant with a dislike for writing in the first person. With over 15 years’ experience, Sam's CV boasts time spent as both the Editor of Kerrang! magazine and Managing Director of Alternative Press. He is the first person to ever lead both of these world-famous voices in alternative and rock music media. 

   Sam's work has seen him organise and present industry-leading award ceremonies; host interview events; curate and book live music content strands; run a weekly radio show; and write countless magazine cover stories.

   In 2023 he launched Locomotive Creative Consultancy, working with artists and their teams on the definition and delivery of the narrative stories around their careers and campaigns.

   He works regularly on a freelance basis for record labels, streaming services, radio broadcasters and a range of publications, and is currently working on his first book, due out in Winter 2023. 

   Sam lives in Cambridgeshire with his wife, son and an increasingly unwieldy record collection.

Brands & clients include

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